Steel Coil Weight Calculator

Steel Coil Weight Calculator

Steel Coil Weight Calculator, SS Coil Weight online, Weight Chart of SS Coil in India

Calculate the outer diameter (OD), the weight, the length or the weight per mm width of the coil by completing the form below.

The calculated results are only intended to be used as a reference and are not guaranteed; incorrect values will provide an invalid result.


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formula used by this tool is: Weight : L = (Weight)*1000/(D*W*T)

  • (Weight in [kg]) = (Volume)*D
  • (Volume) = (Weight)/D
  • L = (Volume)*1000/(W*T)
  • L = (Weight)*1000/(D*W*T)


The Steel Coil Weight, Thickness, and Width find Steel Coil Size Calculator Online

The Steel Coil Calculator calculates coil length based on grade inner, outer diameter, and thickness. The size can also be determined based on the coil's weight, width, and thickness. Our steel coil weight calculator accurately calculates the weight of coils of all shapes and sizes. The formula for calculating the weight of an aluminum coil is weight = thickness X length X density. The density of aluminum is approximately 2.702 g/cm3. Need help calculating the weight of SS coil 316 or other components, Reach us at export@pearlshims.com.